Meet Dee Moore

                                                                  Founder of "Fashionable And Thick"

Producer of

"Glamour Glitz & Curves"


Author of

"Life Support For The Curvy Female" 

Designer & Stylist Of The "Dorcas Collection"

Fashion Show Coordinator For -Nzuri Hair & Fashion Show 2015



 I started Fashionable And Thick back in 2012 as a T-shirt line, created with one goal in mind. The word FAT, although small in letter count this word packs a huge punch, it is significant in a young girls eyes as it is repeated often, not verbally per se however most impactful non-verbally,  from the looks a young lady receives from her peers and adults. Social media has become a free target comedy show, one attraction and many hateful words.  At a young age developing low- self -esteem could potentially be detrimental to adulthood.  My vision is to rid the world of the negative connotations because of one’s size. I am a voluptuous woman: all my life I have faced my limitations of my worthiness and potential.  Interestingly enough these were not limitations I placed on myself they were forced upon me by society. I refused to wear the fat  jacket, nonetheless

I am FAT, Fashionable And Thick.



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